Lip Permanent Makeup

Step By Step

The Tracie Giles Gloss and Go© system uses the beautiful Long Time Liner soft shade pigments to give a haze of colour across the lips. The unique attraction of this system is that only one ultra fine ‘acupuncture’ needle is used. The advantage of this is a graduated dispersion of colour throughout the lip which looks really natural and the healing time is minimal. Most clients can go straight out after a Long Time Liner lip treatment and because the system is so gentle to the skin the follow up treatment can be undertaken two weeks later – that’s half the time of every other system on the world market.

Karina is our lip specialist, she is recognised as an ‘Elite Linergist’ by Munich, Switzerland and Paris and most of our clients coming in for other areas of the face as so impressed with the results that they usually book to see Karina for her lips.

Hema Begun is an established makeup artist and qualified ‘Linergist’ and also exclusively works with this system having trained both under Tracie herself and also in Munich with Long Time Liner.

Both technicians will deliver the results demanded by Tracie Giles herself and which clients should expect from a trusted number one clinic we provide a bespoke treatment to all clients with expertise, calm understanding and great care. We never forget the trust you put in us and respect this at all times.

We do also work with the Nouveau Contour device so can offer both state of the art systems to our clients giving you the choice. Pigments used with this system are sourced from the USA.

Tracie Giles Permanent Makeup London - Lip Treatment Step 1

Step 1

Assessment photos are taken to establish how the lip shape can be improved. We agree between the Linergist and client how to best redefine, lift, volumising and re-juvenate. The lips are recontoured using a lip pencil with a new border / shape or to tidy up a frayed asymmetrical lip line.

Tracie Giles Permanent Makeup London - Lip Treatment Step 2

Step 2

The lip border is re-established and designed to create the most beautiful shape possible, while still retaining a natural appearance.

Tracie Giles Permanent Makeup London - Lip Treatment Step 3

Step 3

The selected mineral pigment colour is shaded and feathered into the body of the lip. This truly beautiful effect demands a great deal of skill. Many clients choose a very natural colour to add tone, volume and definition. Others want vibrancy.

Tracie Giles Permanent Makeup London - Lip Treatment Step 4

Step 4

Immediately after the treatment the client can expect to experience a little swelling, but already the client’s lips are transformed. The client leaves the clinic with the colour looking slightly brighter than the healed results which can be anticipated within 2 -4 weeks depending on which system is used either Long Time Liner or Nouveau Contour.

Tracie Giles Permanent Makeup London - Lip Treatment Step 5

Step 5

We finish off our treatments with pure Shea Butter and Purest Vitamin E Cream both of which can be purchased at reception.

Tracie Giles Permanent Makeup London - Lip Treatment Step 6

Step 6

The client returns to the clinic within 12 weeks to review and finish the treatment.

Tracie Giles Permanent Makeup London - Lip Treatment Step 7

Step 7

You will be delighted to have regained natural, happy-looking and rejuvenated lips.

Gloss and Go© Techniques – Tracie Giles’ work on Lips has been featured in The Times and within industry journals as a benchmark of excellence, to promote training to other technicians.

Most women have asymmetrical lips, most women want more fullness and some women just want their lips to be crisper in shape. Lip liners have become increasing less popular and the trend is towards a natural flush of colour through the whole of the lip whilst volumising and tidying up a frayed lip contour.

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