How Eyebrows Can Change A Face

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Little to no eyebrows can have an extremely negative effect on your face. The picture shows how your eyebrows are a crucial part of your identity. They not only frame your eyes but give your face its unique expression and character and allow you to express even subtle emotions without words.

Alopecia is a very common hair loss disorder leaving you with very little and in some cases no eye brow hair. You will be amazed at the improvement in appearance permanent eyebrows can make for you. Alternatively, you may have naturally very light or gingery brows which are virtually ‘invisible’. Here, permanent makeup can build on what’s there to recreate the brows you always wanted.

Alopecia / No Eyebrows.

Alopecia / No Eyebrows

Permanent make up can correct this

Little to no eyebrows can have a long-lasting effect to your face. The picture shows how eyebrows are a crucial part of your identity. They not only frame your eyes but give your face expression and character.

Alopecia is a very common hair loss disorder leaving you with very little and in some cases no eye brow hair. You will be amazed at the improvement in appearance permanent eyebrows can make for you.

Choosing the right shape eyebrows for yourself can be confusing, it is important that you are professionally guided according to the shape of your face and the size of your eyes. Tracie Giles and her team will help design the perfect eyebrow shape that suits you. Tracie’s bespoke treatments are tailor made to suit your individual needs. They use all of their combined expertise with the very finest pigments and devices sourced mainly from Germany and the USA.

Tracie’s entire reputation is not just for producing first class results but also for the care and detail which goes into every permanent eyebrow treatment.

Typical Uneven Eyebrows.

Typical Uneven Brows

Permanent make up can correct this

The picture shows a woman with uneven brows, this represents how important symmetry is when designing your new permanent eyebrows. Uneven eyebrows give your face too much expression, the woman in the image looks worried, her uneven eyebrows do not define her features or compliment her eyes as much as they should.

If you are looking to change the style of your eyebrows remember to keep symmetry in mind and always consider your facial features and face shape. Tracie Giles will give you the opportunity to become fully involved in the planning a shape for your eyebrows. She will draw your eyebrows on using pencil and measuring callipers. This is to ensure you are fully happy with your new eyebrow shape.

Some clients like to leave the decision of the shape to us; some bring in photos or pictures of how they ‘used’ to look. Some bring in magazine pictures and some even bring in photographs of celebrity eyebrows which they like as inspiration for their own new shape.

Beautiful eyebrows are a must for every woman at any age who wants to look her best. It cannot be underestimated the impact great eyebrows will have on any face.

Stylised Unnatural Eyebrows.

Stylised Unnatural

Permanent make up can correct this


These womans eyebrows have a very high arch and do not sit along the natural eyebrow line. This lady has used pencil to create a very odd looking appearance. She has almost ‘frozen’ a theatrical appearance with incorrect use of pencil.

This picture illustrates how unnatural shape of eyebrows can have a big impact on your face. It also dictates how you are perceived by others. Remember, eyebrows give expression to a face; these eyebrows look ‘intimidating’ and can therefore have a negative effect on relaying any difference in emotions. They make a statement about your character which is not flattering.

The length and style of eyebrows vary depending on a woman’s features, it is important that your eyebrows sit along your natural eyebrow line. A natural shape with the arch in the right place gives your whole face a more feminine naturalistic appearance.

Using permanent make up, Tracie Giles is able to transform your unnatural shape to a beautiful brow. She can extend, augment and improve the appearance of your eyebrows with fine mists of colour, or by implanting pigment in simulated hair strokes using eyebrow tattooing among your natural ones. The results are amazing!

Clown Eyebrows.

Clown Eyebrows

Arch In The Wrong Place

Common mistake where ladies go wrong – Surprised look

Permanent make up can correct this

The picture shows how important it is to ensure your eyebrows arch in the correct place, otherwise they will end up looking like clowns eyebrows. Sometimes keeping your eyebrows natural with a slight arch can be very flattering, but this can cause over tweezing which will give you permanently ‘surprised’ look.

Many celebrities now have an arch in their brows; stars like Cheryl Cole and Catherine Zeta Jones have shown us how eyebrows can change your look. Tracie’s semi permanent eyebrow treatments uses her hand perfected technique to ensure your brows give you a perfect appearance. Tracie’s hair by hair treatment replicates every hair strand in just the right place.

This process allows you to cheat your way to an anti ageing flattering shape that you have always admired but never been able to achieve with makeup alone. Say goodbye to those clown eyebrows! Create a realistic, natural looking brow line that places the ‘arch’ in the right place and changes ‘surprised’ into correctly lifted elegance, which will last for several years with using permanent makeup.



Permanent make up can correct this

The monobrow is often referred to as the ‘unibrow.’ And is often the butt of many jokes. By looking at the picture, it is the abundant hair between the brows and ‘unkempt’ bushiness that will make a set of eyebrows appear like a messy strip of hair across the face.

Keeping a brow that naturally grows this way can be very tiresome! To create a flattering shape when brows naturally grow this way can be ‘high maintenance’. With permanent make up, a beautifully designed shape within the hair line gives you the perfect template underneath so that you know exactly where to pluck from.

There is no feminine beauty in this shape. Eyebrows need a light lift in the right places even if your desire is to achieve ‘perfectly imperfect’ brows

Flat Shapeless Brows.

Flat Shapeless Brows

Permanent make up can correct this

The picture shows the effect flat shapeless brows can have. They are over plucked and slanted. This is a classic example of were woman go wrong when they are trying to find the right eyebrow shape.

The eyebrow is the most overlooked facial feature as most women struggle to find their perfect shape. The key to the perfect eyebrow shape is to follow the proportions on your face. There are no general ideal eyebrows, although there are principles which we can adhere to in order to beautify eyebrows. Tracie Giles understands the impact eye brow shapes can have, she has pioneered a hair by hair permanent make up technique that ensure your flat shapeless brows are given, shape, depth and definition.

Heavily Pencilled Right Angle Brows.

Heavily Pencilled Right Angle Brows

Permanent make up can correct this

The picture shows the effect heavily pencilled eyebrows can have. Most women use brow pencil as a vital part of their daily routine to fill, reshape and create eyebrows. It is easy to over load your eyebrows with pencil, this will make them uneven, slanted and unrealistic.

Tracie Giles understands the hassle most women have to go through everyday to recreate eyebrows. Tracie will provide you with an extensive consultation at the time of treatment, to involve you in all the planning stages, to help you create the eyebrows you have always wanted.

Tracie Giles will expertly design a gorgeous shape in regular eyebrow pencil first using your facial dimensional measurements she will then skilfully apply either seemingly natural individual hairs or a soft mist of colour to enhance and perfect your brows 24/7.

Perfect Shaped Brows For This Face.

Perfect Shaped Brows For This Face

Yours Will Be Created To Suit You

Seeing is believing! By clicking on the small right hand arrow below the picture, you can see how the wrong type of brows can destroy the character and dignity of a face. The very last picture shows how the right shape and colour of permanent makeup brows for this shape of face, and for the model’s personality and age, can have a huge effect on her whole look.

Is permanent makeup worth it? With perfectly balanced, elegantly arched brows in a colour that tones in with the model’s natural colouring, the brows not only give the eyes a more wide awake and expressive look, but give the whole face a fresher, younger appearance. No wonder it’s often called ‘the facelift in a brow’!

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Whether you have sparse brows or almost non-existent brows as a result of alopecia, choosing the right shaped eyebrows for can be confusing and it is very important that you are professionally guided according to the shape of your face and the size of your eyes. As well as being one of the most experienced eyebrow permanent makeup artists in the world, Tracie Giles has built an unsurpassed reputation for producing first class results and for the care and detail which goes into every permanent eyebrow treatment.

Tracie’s bespoke eyebrow treatments are tailor made to suit your individual needs and you are involved in deciding the look of your brows every step of the way – including looking at a makeup simulation of your new brows before the permanent makeup treatment starts.

To ensure your new brows look as natural as possible a pigment is selected that complements your natural skin and hair colour or wig if you wear one. This level of skill and attention to detail means you can be sure of results that totally delight you.

Creating perfect brows

Using the latest digital technology, your eyebrows are strengthened, defined, and shaped with delicate strokes of pigment infused into the skin. Particular attention is given to the position of the brows in relation to your natural browbone. The special 3D Hair technique pioneered by Tracie precisely replicates natural hair at microscopic level leaving the most flattering, natural-looking eyebrows. The overall effect gives the face total symmetry and an added‘boost’.

Dubbed the ‘Queen Of the Brow’, Tracie Giles has redefined the brows of the numerous celebrities and is a trusted spokesperson within this field. The results guarantee you perfect brows all year round and an easy way to look great from the moment you wake up.

Tracie Giles uses only medical grade, bespoke mineral based pigments to create her flawless eyebrows. Famous for her in-depth knowledge of pigment colour and tones, she and her team guarantee you stunning, colour-rich, designer brows. And with results lasting between 9 to 18 months, you can wave goodbye to eyebrow pencils and temporary dyes.

Replacing lashes lost as a result of alopecia or chemotherapy

Where there are no lashes and it is especially important to avoid hard lines, Tracie has pioneered a highly specialist technique which recreates tiny hairstrokes on the upper and lower lash line, giving the look of real lashes. Again, choice of pigment is crucial, with softer browns looking most effective.

As well as being an effective way to disguise the effects of alopecial, permanent makeup can also be used very effectively to camouflage a variety of medical and post-operative conditions, either by tattooing an impression of individual hairs on the face or scalp, or by camouflaging scars by blending them in with the surrounding skin colour. Tracie Giles has an outstanding reputation for her work in this area, including:

• Camouflaging facial scarring or discolouration following laser treatment

• Hair simulation for those with thinning hair or following a hair transplant: this procedure can hide scars from surgery as well as simulating the appearance of thicker hair

• Camouflaging a receding hairline or bald spots

• Matching vitiligo-affected skin to the surrounding area

• Disguising laser-affected skin where an old tattoo has been removed

• Restoring natural-coloured nipples and areolas for breast cancer patients