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Occasionally the Tracie Giles Knightsbridge clinic has been contacted by women who are unhappy with permanent makeup treatments undertaken by other clinics or salons, either because the work is inappropriate or has not been carried out to a sufficiently high standard.

Tracie Giles is able to advise and assist in the correction of permanent make-up disasters or permanent makeup gone wrong for clients seeking expertise in this area. If you have had your permanent makeup done elsewhere and are unhappy with the result please get in touch. In many cases we are able to correct permanent makeup disasters so do not hesitate to contact us for permanent makeup advice and corrective treatments wherever possible.

If your permanent make up cannot be amended, for example because it is incorrectly placed or an uneven or unflattering shape, Tracie Giles will refer you to one of our recognised laser practitioners. If the colour is incorrect or undesirable, it may be possible to lighten it using specialist techniques. If this procedure is needed, you will be supported every step of the way.

Most procedures that need to be corrected are a result of mineral pigments being placed into the skin by poorly skilled technicians. They have not been educated in the science of colour or placement and have not carried out a detailed consultation with you, and this can produce unsightly results.

Permanent make up removal and correction –

The importance of skin tones

Placing colour on the skin is far more complex than painting on a white canvas. There is no precise colour formula for everyone; what is of prime importance is an educated knowledge of skin undertones and the permanent makeup pigments available.

This is why permanent and semi permanent make up should be considered both a science and an art.

The selection of colour for eyebrows or especially lips is dependent on many factors, including the basic natural colouring of the person having the treatment. Did you know that skin can be classified into many different categories regardless of ethnicity? Use the arrow to scoll down and read more.

An untrained and inexperienced technician is unlikely to recognise the difference between a ‘translucent’ and ‘transparent’ skin; between an ‘olive’ and a ‘sallow’ skin or between a ‘peaches and cream’ and a ‘rosy’ undertone.

Permanent Make up Removal and Correction –

Questions & Answers

Q: How can a technician determine whether the colour temperature of the skin is cool, warm, pink, brown or olive?’

A: Tracie Giles ensures her elite and internationally trained technicians not only understand this but the scale of skin colour, depending on the type of melanin and its level of concentration in the natural skin of the client.

Q: Is this is why the Tracie Giles permanent make up London clinic is considered a world leader in the field of permanent makeup?

Understanding skin and knowing our pigments allows us to make perfect colour choices with our pure mineral pigments for long lasting and beautiful effects. Tracie Giles is an advisor to LONG-TIME-LINER® (Munich) in the further development of their pigments, where her technical advice assists in the creation of new pigments that match the very latest fashion directions and client demands.

All procedures are skilfully pencilled in and designed around the client’s desires, lifestyle and expectations. Nothing is left to ‘chance’. If we feel we cannot meet a client’s expectations we will always advise this to avoid any disappointment.

The same is true for clients who seek advice for corrections and Tracie’s opinion on best practice advice is always given, whatever the situation.

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